Vintage Chi Omega Watch Fob Necklace

Antique British watch fob from 1906 with vintage gold-filled Chi Omega crest. The watch fob is made of silver and has a rose gold cartouche in the center where the crest is secured. The back of the fob is blank and is a great area to have initials and/or initiation date engraved (see 4th and 5th pictures for examples). Please choose the engraving option and put the engraving information in the message box provided at checkout.  Fob comes on a sterling silver chain. Each watch fob has hallmarks that symbolize where the fob was made, what it is made of, what year it was made, and the maker. I research each hallmark and provide the information. This fob's hallmarks are: 

Anchor: City of Birmingham, England

Lion: Made of Sterling Silver

Script Lowercase "g":  Made in Year 1906

WHH: Made by William Hair Haseler 

Fob measures: 35mm x 25mm (1.4 in x 0.98 in). Vintage Chi Omega crest measures: 7.5mm x 7mm (0.30 in x 0.28 in).

There is only one antique fob like this in stock.

Watch fobs are known as decorative pieces attached to a short chain or ribbon which was fastened to a pocket watch to aid in withdrawing it from a pocket in clothing. Developed around the 1770s, along with the invention of pocket watches, fobs were worn by both men and women, attached at the waist or to a belt originally. Their popularity continued throughout the 19th century, but gradually became more associated with male attire. Fobs began to fade out with the increase of wristwatch production after World War I.